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Preserved Lemons 360g

Preserved Lemons 360g


A classic Moroccan ingredient widely used in North African cuisine, these pickled thin-skinned lemons of the aromatic Beldi variety add a uniquely pungent and intense citrus flavour to dishes.


Beldi lemons are preserved whole in a simple brine of water & salt. Preserved lemons pack a strong citrus taste, different to that of fresh lemons. They are an indispensable ingredient of Moroccan cooking, essential to tagines and make a very good pair in recipes with green olives.


Cut the lemons in half in & roast with potatoes, meat or vegetables or finely slice to add to roasts, salads & relishes.

  • Uses

    • Try finely slicing and adding to a grain or rice salad
    • Chop with chilli and garlic as a dressing 
    • Use to stuff a roast chicken
    • Finely slice and add to your couscous
    • Add zest to your chicken stuffing
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