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We have up to 20 different olives for you at any one time, hand dressed and marinated using our own unique recipes with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, herbs and spices.

Douces Noires from Morocco - Cuquillos Nicoises, Gordal & Manzanilla from Spain - Picholine du Gard & Tanche from France - Kalamata & Throumbes from Greece - Nocellara from Sicily - garlic, almond, pimento and chilli stuffed...


We've got early picked green olives, late picked black olives, pitted olives, stoned olives, stuffed olives, single variety olives and mixed olives.

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We import Tanche olives directly from the Vignolis Co-operative, Nyons in the Drôme Provençale. The first olives in France to be granted Appellation d’Origine Contôlée (AOP) accreditation, Tanche black olives are picked at complete maturity in December/January, lightly wrinkled by the first frosts and dryness in the air. The combination of climate conditions, soil, variety and 'savoir-faire' in cultivation and preparation acquired over generations of olive growers results in a singular - and delicious - olive.

The Olive Shop is de la Torre's second's where you'll find the greatest variety of the tastiest marinated olives anywhere in Tavistock.

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