Linguine Pasta from Naples

Linguine Pasta from Naples


Linguini from a range of premium quality, award winning pasta. Bronze drawn for a rough texture and dried very slowly at low temperatures.

Linguini (little tongues) is one of the most popular pasta shapes. It is long and flat and very versatile in the kitchen.


Perffect for Pesto, fish dishes and ragu.


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  • The Grania pasta range

    Grania have called this range of gourmet pasta Le Gemme del Vesuvio or Vesuvius Gems. In the Volcano’s shadow, a group of artisan pasta makers apply their art every day to produce a pasta which looks and tastes fabulous. Only 3 ingredients are used. The finest durum wheat, the purest water and time. Lots of it.

    At Grania, they have revived an ancient Neapolitan production process which involves drawing the pasta through bronze moulds to produce a rough surface which grabs the sauce and binds to it. The pasta is then dried very slowly at low temperatures to maintain all of its natural taste and goodness.

    It keeps its shape and consistency perfectly when cooking and the al dente moment is very forgiving in case you just miss it!


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