Luxury Traditional Panettone Hand Wrapped 500g

Luxury Traditional Panettone Hand Wrapped 500g


A beautifully handwrapped Panettone, extraordinarily light and moist with delicious fresh candied oranges from Sicily and sultanas bathed in aromatic Marsala and Zibibbo wines.


Its beautiful presentation also makes it a splendid gift.

  • Refunds policy

    In the event of you needing to cancel your Christmas order or any panettone, we can only offer a refund if the cancellation is acknowledged 2 days before your collection date.

  • Ingredients

    soft wheat flour, raisin 14%, butter, sugar, fresh eggs, candied orange peel from fresh 10% (orange peel, sugar, lemon juice concentrate), fresh egg yolk, naturak yeast (contains wheat flour), MARSALA 2%, SICILIAN HONEY, INVERTED SUGAR, ORANGEE PUREE, EMULSIFIER; MONO AND DIGLYCERIDES OF FATTY ACIDS, ZIBIBBO WINE 0.5%, cocoa butter, powdered skimmed milk, salt, natural flavourings, vanilla berries. allergen – may contain traces of nuts.


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