Fennel salami approx weight 150g

Fennel salami approx weight 150g


This delicious Finocchiona (fennel salami) has a soft texture and really does melt in your mouth.


The herbs and wild fennel extend their flavours and combine perfectly with the lean pork during the curing process to produce a stunning version of this Tuscan classic.


Guaranteed hit as part of a platter of antipasti at the dinner table and makes wonderful sandwiches as well.

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    This Fennel salami is made by Gelli Salumi from near Siena in Tuscany.

    It’s our best selling salami, made from premium quality pork with the addition of wild fennel seeds and aromatic Tuscan herbs. It is expertly prepared using timeless Tuscan artisan curing processes by the maestro himself, 80 year old Signor Gelli.


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