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Spice Mountain Tunisian Tabil 40g

Spice Mountain Tunisian Tabil 40g

Mixture of spices which is used as an all-purpose seasoning for grilled foods especially and also in stews, soups and couscous. Our version features smoked garlic and Aleppo pepper flakes, both of which add depth and character, along with the staples of the blend, coriander, cumin and caraway. Tabil is not hot but has a warm, earthy and aromatic flavour which will give that distinctive North African flavour to your food. Our tabil is a coarse-ground blend, and the spices have been roasted to bring out all their flavour. Interesting uses for tabil include sprinkling it on vegetables which will be roasted (particularly sweet potatoes or aubergines), and it has a great affinity with carrots. It is also a very effective barbecue seasoning and is superb when sprinkled on flatbreads with olive oil and heating up in the oven.
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