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What’s in a number?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

So it’s 88 days to Christmas and regular customers, do not fear – we have ordered the


One of the many de la Torre’s traditions we’ll be honouring, our panettones are made by the

Fiasconaro Brothers – a three-generation strong family bakery in Sicily.

Their distinctive trademark is the sourdough based on a 'mother yeast' that’s been going for

over 60 years and a 36-hour long fermentation process.

Add to that, all-Sicilian produced ingredients including sugar, vanilla, citrus honey and

hazelnut – and you have a wonderful mix of tastes and fragrances.

In all it takes three days to make this most soft and succulent celebratory cake.

Beautifully gift-wrapped with their own special bag, our range includes traditional, chocolate, chocolate & pear, chocolate & apricot, marron noir and for the first time this year, a panettone with fresh Sicilian candied lemon & orange, mandarin puree & saffron, in a limited edition designer tin by Dolce & Gabbana.

A really special treat.

Reservations can be made in the shop from the 1st week of November.

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