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Get set for Christmas

Our new Christmas pages are now live, along with our special Christmas pick up service form covering every day in December we are open, up to midday on Christmas Eve. I thought this would be worthy of a bit of a ‘how to’ guide. Please note, not all of our panettones and Christmas lines are in, but over the next two weeks they will be.

So, this is how it works…

The Christmas December pick up form shown below will appear when you go to the checkout page. If you are booking a normal Friday or Saturday collection during October or November, then just close the form using the cross in the top right hand corner and continue as usual.

If, however, you have just done some Christmas shopping with us or are reserving a panettone and want to pick these up in December, then please complete the form with your name, surname and email address and click on ‘Select your date’ to choose from the list.

Then press ‘submit’, close and continue as usual.

If at this point you realise you have forgotten to buy something and need to go back, don’t worry, there will be another chance after checkout to book your Christmas December pick up date.

You will receive a confirmation email with your chosen date in addition to your normal order confirmation email.

So why are we doing all of this? Well, we want to help you get what you want this Christmas and in particular, while stocks last, ensure you have the panettone of your choice. Also, during these difficult times, you may just want to ‘click & collect’ your order rather than take the time to shop in store. This service means we can have your shopping all packed up and ready for you to collect, so you can avoid the queues and knowing Tavistock, the rain too!

A wise man once said, ‘To get ahead you need a hat’ and I have lots! My favourite dad joke: I can tell my children are cringing as I type.

As ever, if you run into any difficulties or need a little bit more explanation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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