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From Sicily with love

We are always raving about the panettone we sell. Well, the little bakery in Sicily has done it again and their new Nero Sublime Panettone has just got three stars at the superior taste award. The Belgian iTQi Institute rewards the excellence of the Sicilian pastry chef Nicola Fiasconaro with the highest awards and for the second consecutive year. Weighing in at 1 kilo this chocolate panettone has a strawberries purée, Sicily chocolate drops and cream to spread, topped with chocolate, and is hand-wrapped. This year we will also have a range of spreads to make your panettone just that little bit more indulgent.

Traditional panettone making is a real labour of love. The distinctive trademark of Fiasconaro’s bakery is the sourdough, a very long process of fermentation that lasts 36 hours.

The sourdough originates from the "madre”, a fermented batter-like dough to which are added, progressively, water and flour. It’s a process that, as always, is renewed remaining the same and with the same rhythm, and that, to happen, requires abilities, care and above all the rejection of the use of chemical additives and preservatives, ensuring, at the same time, the product, a surprisingly long life. The dough through this absolutely natural process provides unique and not-be-matched qualitative characteristics as lightness and fragrance.

We always sell out fast, so book your panettone this Christmas online through our new 'click & collect' Christmas service.

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