Tanche olives with bay, Thyme and EVO (price per 100g)


Imported by us with a heriatge of de la Torres selling and importing this olive directly. These are the best olives in the shop. The combination of the climate conditions, the soil (the land), the olive variety all result in a singular olive.To these characteristics is added the savoir-faire acquired over generations of olive growers in the cultivation and preparation of the olives.The black olive of Nyons is picked at complete maturity, lighly wrinkled by the first frosts and dryness in the air.

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    The first olives in France to be granted Appellation d’Origine Contôlée accreditationIn order to be granted Appellation d’Origine Contôlée accreditation, the olives must be gathered within the designated zone, be of the TANCHE variety and meet strict criteria:

    At the cooperative, the olives are picked when black and slightly over-ripe, lightly wrinkled by the first frosts of Decemer and January.  They are sorted and graded to identify the Extra (+18mm), No.1 (16-18mm) and olives for oil (- 16mm), then they are put into vats containing a 10% salt water solution (water and sea salt) for 6 months to ensure all bitterness is removed and to allow the natural fermentation of the sugars; they are then preserved in brine.


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