Mini Panettone in Gift Box 90g

Mini Panettone in Gift Box 90g


This is a quality Mini panettone without candied fruit made by Dal Colle in Verona.

It features a soft, fragrant dough which is rich in butter, eggs and sultanas.

The panettone comes packaged in a designer box with handle.


The Dal Colle Bakery, Verona – The Magician


The Dal Colle family bakery is now in its 4th generation. Incredibly they use the same live mother-dough stock that was first used over 100 years ago. It was “created” by Egidio Dal Colle, who became known as the “the magician” and who won the gold medal for best Italian baker in 1925.


Since then the Dal Colle family have not only upheld the heritage left by their great grandfather, they have extended it. They have developed a new natural yeast which is now patented and used by many other master bread makers and bakers. This is the same natural leaven used in this cake.



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