Greek Spring Blossom Raw Honey - Limited Edition 250G

Greek Spring Blossom Raw Honey - Limited Edition 250G


 Limited Edition Spring Blossom Raw honey is produced in mainland Greece by our artisan bee-keeper Alexandros Gousiaris. Alexandros lovingly tends to his hives throughout the year, moving them seasonally to give the bees access to different native herbs and flora as well as protect them from harsh winter weather.


Spring Blossom Raw Honey is harvested from March to June. After wintering in mild, coastal regions, at the first signs of spring, Alexandros moves the hives to areas where early wild flowers bloom in abundance. He often moves them more than once during the season, following the trail of the flowers in search of the most vivid blooms.

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    Made in small batches, the honey is cold-extracted, unfiltered, unpasteurised and unprocessed, ensuring its nutritional properties are preserved. Each jar of this premiun honey is individually numbered and marked with the year of harvest. Blossom nectar honey is light amber in colour and more fluid compared to honeydew.

    Our honeys are raw, which means that they have minimal processing, giving a honey as similar as the one that exists in the hive. If you see it’s clear colour thickening as it often happens in raw honeys, it’s only because it follows the natural crystallisation process.


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