Spicy Italian Arrabbiata


Made up of dehydrated garlic, chilli, parsley and basil, our Arrabbiata mix is simple, yet delicious and versatile! A truly authentic flavour of Italy when combined with tomatoes or passata and olive oil, or still more simply, just the olive oil.
Arrabbiata strictly speaking is a tomato-based sauce, traditionally served with penne pasta in Italy – its name comes from the Italian for ‘angry’, due to the chilli kick it gives.
But this mix is excellent when used as a base for any Italian dish, being very well balanced. It is particularly good when sprinkled on chicken that you will simply grill, or roast.
Added to minestrone, it will give the soup a delicious lift, and it can also be used in red pesto for extra chilli heat. And for a perfect example of simplicity, just add a couple of teaspoons together with olive oil to cooked pasta – bella!


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